Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot



Sex: Male, (4 Months Old)
Do we ship? Yes, Out of Midland Int1 Airport
Is He Crate-Trained? Yes
Is He Fully Health Checked? Yes
Is He Tamed, Handled & Handfed? Yes
Can He Talk? Yes, an excellent talker
Is He Microchipped? Yes
Is He Worm Treated? Yes
Is He Used to kids & cats? Yes
Does he have aggressive behaviors? No

He is available and ready to leave today for adoption. Please get in touch with us.
Also comes with 1 Jumbo Nuts & Bolts Parrot Puzzle Toy, 1 African Grey Parrot
Food Premium Seed Mix – 2Kg, Travel Crate & Papers.


Yellow Naped Amazon – Amazon Yellow Naped Parrot

The yellow naped amazon or amazon yellow naped parrot is a widespread amazon parrot sometimes considered to be a subspecies of the yellow-crowned amazon. It inhabits the Pacific coast of southern Mexico and Central America. Their outgoing personalities make yellow naped Amazon one of the more popular Amazon parrot species. Yellow naped amazon parrot can be talkative and gravitate toward toys that challenge them both physically and mentally. They also enjoy plenty of interaction with their people.

Yellow Crowned Amazon – Amazon Parrot

The yellow crowned amazon is one of the most commonly kept Amazon parrot due to its renowned talking ability and wide spread availability. They are popular pets, but, like any bird, have their quirks and idiosyncrasies — important things to consider when looking for a long-lived pet, like an amazon parrot for sale. The yellow-naped Amazon is a stout green amazon parrot with a black beak and a characteristic bright yellow patch on its nape (the back of its neck). It may have a few tiny yellow feathers on the head or around the neck, but for the most part this yellow naped amazon parrot is a shimmering green. The tail is short with a band of reddish and dark green across the middle of the underside. They are good flyers in the wild, but Amazon parrot tend to get sluggish and fat in captivity — they have prominent breasts that will get even larger as they get lazier! There is a blue mutation with a white spot on the nap instead of yellow — this bird is the color of the bluest summer sky, a breathtaking sight

Native Region / Natural Habitat

The yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata) originates from Southern Mexico and Central America.

Care & Feeding of Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot  

All Amazons have a tendency toward becoming couch potatoes, sitting around all day, eating starchy foods. But there are consequences for an obese bird: fatty tumors and a greatly reduced life span. Yellow naped amazon parrot are reported as living up to 90 years, so this amazon parrot for sale is a lifetime investment — make sure that your children or a good-natured neighbor love the yellow-crowned amazon too because they just might inherit him. Good nutrition, including lots of fruit and vegetables, and lots of playtime and exercise will keep your green amazon parrot in good shape for a long time. Lafeber’s Amazon parrot foods offer nutritional balance and opportunities for foraging.

Personality & Behavior – Yellow-naped Amazons

Yellow-naped Amazons are wonderful as young birds, but tend to become nippy, even outright aggressive as they get older, particularly the males, though individual birds vary. They are notorious for temperament changes, and will attack their owners viciously. Females tend to remain sweeter, so you might want to consider a hen when making your purchase. This may not be a bird for children, as a bite from a yellow naped amazon parrot beak is formidable. But don’t let this daunt you — they have wonderful pet potential, and they are certainly a popular choice for many reasons. If you notice a temperament change, simply take precautions that you don’t get hurt, or hurt the bird either.


Yellow-naped Amazons are brilliant, comical birds that love to be the center of attention. They tend to form extremely close bonds with their owners.

Hand-fed Amazon parrots typically make loving, affectionate pets. Like many Amazons, however, yellow-naped Amazons go through a hormonal bluffing stage as they approach sexual maturity (age 4 months to 1 year). While the phase does pass, it can sometimes last for up to two years.

During their bluffing stage, yellow-naped Amazons may bite and show other aggressive behaviors. It’s more apparent in the males, and some birds act out more than others. Because of this, you may want to consider a female parrot. In general, a young or adolescent Amazon is not the best bird for families with children.

Speech & Sound

While they are not the noisiest of the Amazons, yellow-crowned amazon do have their moments — they use their parrot-voices intermittently, but they are loud! yellow naped amazon parrot are prized for talking ability, and will not be out-talked by any other Amazon, both in quantity and clarity of speech. Like many other parrots, it is uncanny what they say and at what times — they seem to be able to contextualize human speech. It has been proven that parrots are capable of this, the yellow-naped Amazon being no exception. Beware of what you say around this bird — you will be hearing it back for a long time.

Caring for a Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are best suited for experienced bird owners. They require a great deal of attention, and you will need to set aside a period each day for one-on-one interaction with your bird. This socialization is key to establishing and maintaining a healthy bond.

These birds thrive on social interaction, and they need it to remain healthy and happy. Neglected birds can fall into destructive behavior patterns and depression. Depression or anxiety can lead to physical and emotional problems, including feather plucking and biting people.

For these reasons, you should ask about the history of any mature bird you’re looking to adopt. Bad habits, past trauma, and inadequate training can result in a parrot that even the best bird behaviorists will have difficulty rehabilitating.

Potential owners should remember that if they adopt a yellow-naped Amazon, they are taking on the care of a creature that is every bit as intelligent and emotional as a human toddler. Due to their very long lifespan, caring for one is not a commitment to be taken lightly.

Make sure you provide a cage that is suited to this bird—at least 3 square feet. The bird may seem small, but it still needs room to move and play. Keep the bird occupied while you’re not available by outfitting the cage with ladders, perches, and interactive toys.

Health & Common Conditions

Amazon parrots are prone to becoming obese, which is why owners should pay attention to the amount and types of food offered daily. Other diseases/conditions that affect Amazon parrots include: Polyomavirus (can cause anorexia, lethargy, weight loss, death); Chlamydiosis (signs include low appetite, fluffed feathers, nasal discharge) and vitamin-A deficiency if fed an inadequate diet.

Get a Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-naped Amazons are typically available in avian-specialty stores and from bird breeders. They are also available for adoption from an avian rescue organization. If you are adopting an Amazon parrot, be sure to ask why the bird was given up for adoption and if it has any behavioral issues.


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