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Hahns Macaw



Sex: Male, (4 Months Old)
Do we ship? Yes, Out of Midland Int1 Airport
Is He Crate-Trained? Yes
Is He Fully Health Checked? Yes
Is He Tamed, Handled & Handfed? Yes
Can He Talk? Yes, an excellent talker
Is He Microchipped? Yes
Is He Worm Treated? Yes
Is He Used to kids & cats? Yes
Does he have aggressive behaviors? No

He is available and ready to leave today for adoption. Please get in touch with us.
Also comes with 1 Jumbo Nuts & Bolts Parrot Puzzle Toy, 1 African Grey Parrot
Food Premium Seed Mix – 2Kg, Travel Crate & Papers.

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Hahns Macaw – Red Shouldered Macaw

The hahns macaw also known as red-shouldered macaw or mini macaw is a small green South American parrot, a member of a large group of Neotropical parrots called macaws. The species is named for the red coverts on its wings. It is the smallest macaw, being 30–35 cm in length – similar in size to the Aratinga parakeets. A Hahns macaws personality is much like that of its larger macaw cousins — bold, fun, active — but in a more manageable size, which makes this parrot a popular companion.

Red Shouldered Macaw – Mini macaws

The red-shouldered macaw is one of the more popular mini-macaw species. Mini macaws have the same physical attributes as their larger macaw cousins, but in scaled-down proportions.They are a favorite of macaw fanciers due to their compact size, intelligence and superb pet quality. Though Hahns macaws are not as flashy as larger macaws, they, along with their close cousin, the noble macaw (Ara nobilis cumanensis), is highly prized for their “large macaw” personality in a mini-macaw body.

Native Region / Natural Habitat

Hahn’s macaws are native to Venezuela, the Guianas, Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, where it inhabits tropical lowlands, savanna and swamplands.

Care & Feeding of Mini macaws

As with any other bird, the Hahns macaw needs a well-balanced, nutritious diet to survive, the lack of which will greatly reduce its life span. Macaws parrot need a nutritious, interesting diet. Check out Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes, and Premium Daily Diet. These red-shouldered macaw need space and exercise, and will become overweight if confined for too many hours a day. Remember, too, that mini macaws are extremely intelligent birds and need a lot of stimulation to maintain a healthy attitude. A depressed or unhappy macaw parrot can develop neurosis and self-mutilating disorders. These mini macaws are reported to live for more than 40 to 50 years if cared-for properly.

Personality & Behavior

Like larger macaws parrots, the Hahns mini macaw is very intelligent and quick to learn vocalizations and tricks, including opening the cage door. When hand-raised, a Hahns macaw can make a wonderful pet. Owners will be charmed by their antics. Hahns are active birds, always on the lookout for something fun to chew or climb on, so watch out for your furniture and drapes.

mini macaws are far more appropriate for children than a larger macaw parrot is. They are easier to handle because of their smaller size, and their sweet temperament makes them less prone to nipping. However, take caution where birds and children are concerned — there is always the potential for injury on both sides.

Speech & Sound

Hahns macaws are between 12 and 14 inches long, making them more suitable for apartment living than a large macaw — but only if your neighbors are deaf. These are noisy birds, especially if you have more than one. Their voices are grating — red-shouldered macaw are not the most pleasant-sounding birds in the parrot family.

Hahns macaws can be wonderful talkers, however, and will learn many words and phrases. Hahn’s macaws are good whistlers, too, but may take to whistling over talking, so teach them to talk before you give whistling lessons.

Health & Common Conditions

Like other macaws parrots, Hahn’s macaws are prone to self-mutilation/feather plucking, and nutritional disorders, and a variety of diseases, including Macaw Wasting Syndrome, as well as overgrown beaks. A nutritionally balanced diet and regular veterinary health exams can help keep your scarlet macaw healthy and thriving.

Get a Hahn’s Macaw – Mini Macaw

The Hahn’s macaw is easier to find than some of the other macaw species. It is a favorite of bird breeders because the space it takes to breed these mini macaw is far less than with the much larger macaws. You likely won’t find a red-shouldered maca in large pet stores, but from avian-specialty stores and from bird breeders.

The smallest of the miniature macaws, the Hahn’s macaw is primarily green with a fleshy white face-patch. Hahn’s macaws are smaller than some of the larger conure species, and can easily be mistaken for a conure by a novice.


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1 review for Hahns Macaw

  1. Frank Hardy

    Frank Hardy

    Well tamed and very healthy parrots you got. I’ll swing by next month to get another girl

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