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Capri Macaw



Sex: Male, (4 Months Old)
Do we ship? Yes, Out of Midland Int1 Airport
Is He Crate-Trained? Yes
Is He Fully Health Checked? Yes
Is He Tamed, Handled & Handfed? Yes
Can He Talk? Yes, an excellent talker
Is He Microchipped? Yes
Is He Worm Treated? Yes
Is He Used to kids & cats? Yes
Does he have aggressive behaviors? No

He is available and ready to leave today for adoption. Please get in touch with us.
Also comes with 1 Jumbo Nuts & Bolts Parrot Puzzle Toy, 1 African Grey Parrot
Food Premium Seed Mix – 2Kg, Travel Crate & Papers.

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The Capri macaw is a rainbow-colored hybrid parrot that is desired for the traits it shares with its parents—two of the most popular macaw species. Its flashy colors make it highly attractive for prospective parrot owners. However, it is often its comical personality, intelligence, and the ability to respond to training that seals the deal.


Owners of hybrid macaws get the best of both worlds from their parent species. Scarlet macaws are known to be curious, feisty, and extremely active. In contrast, blue and gold macaws have a reputation for being more laid-back and gentle; they’re also great talkers. Those with Capri macaws describe their birds as being a perfect mix between the two.

Every bird—no matter the species—will have a unique personality that will reflect its upbringing. Capri can be cranky with very demanding social needs or extremely affectionate and charming with fun times ahead for its adopted family. Some Capri macaws will become one-person birds. They may even prefer men or women exclusively, shunning people of the opposite sex.

The bird is likely to be social and accepting of people if it is introduced to a variety of people when you first bring it home. This species can make a good family pet as long as the children are not too young. Teach the bird and the children to respect one another from the start. Highly intelligent, Capri macaws respond well to training and can be taught to perform several tricks and to talk.


Speech and Vocalizations

Many Capri macaws can attain a vocabulary of around 15 words and phrases over their lifetime. They can get loud and scream when excited, agitated, bored, or just to let you know the sun is up. This pet is not likely a suitable candidate if you have close neighbors, such as in an apartment building.

Capri Macaw Colors and Markings

In general, hybrid macaws are bred primarily for their color traits. The Capri macaw has a wide range of colors and patterns. There are slight differences from one generation to the next as well.

Most of these birds are primarily red or deep orange on their chests and bellies. Some have brilliant red-orange heads while others have a gorgeous blue-green crown. They tend to have green and blue feathers running down their backs and long tails. Many of them have gold feathers edging their wings and their tails.

The Capri looks similar to the harlequin macaw. The two hybrids are often mistaken for one another. The most significant difference is the Capri usually has the long, tapering tail of the scarlet.

There is no noticeable difference between male and female Capri macaws. To tell them apart, you will need a DNA test, chromosomal test, or surgical sexing procedure. The DNA test is the most noninvasive option.

Caring for the Capri Macaw

Being social birds, they must spend adequate time bonding with their owners to become happy, well-adjusted pets. If you are looking to adopt a Capri macaw, make sure that you have at least 2 to 4 hours to spend with your bird every day. These parrots thrive on interaction and will become depressed and destructive if neglected or ignored.

As with all large parrots, these birds need a large cage that is no less than 4 feet wide and long by 5 feet high. The more space you can provide, the better off your bird will be. Give the bird plenty of perches and toys to keep it engaged.

Potential owners should think seriously about macaw ownership. Are you willing to be awakened early every morning by a screaming parrot? Can you accommodate the several hours of socialization and exercise every day? Also, consider the costs of owning a pet macaw. Veterinary bills, high-quality feed, toys, and cages all add up. If you can’t provide your bird with the best of everything, think about waiting to adopt one until you can. The more that you spoil a parrot, the better your pet ownership experience will be.

Adopt or Buy a Capri Macaw

Contact a parrot adoption and education agency and ask if you can visit their birds. Seeing one of these parrots in its home environment will give you a feel for what it’s like to live with one. Breeders sell Capri macaws in the range of $3,000 to $5,000. Rescues, adoption organizations, and breeders where you can find Capri macaws include:

 Discover the Captivating Capri Macaw: A Colorful Hybrid Marvel for Sale

 Unveiling the Capri Macaw’s Unique Heritage and Appearance

Welcome to the world of the enchanting Capri Macaw, a vibrant and rare hybrid bird that boasts a captivating mix of Scarlet Macaw and Camelot Macaw genes. This third-generation macaw is a splendid creature, showcasing 7/8 of its parentage from the Scarlet Macaw, resulting in a striking blend of colors that will leave you in awe.

The Perfect Fusion of Scarlet and Camelot

The Capri Macaw’s lineage is a fascinating journey through hybridization:

  1. Scarlet Macaw x Blue and Gold Macaw = Catalina Macaw
  2. Scarlet Macaw x Catalina Macaw = Camelot Macaw
  3. Scarlet Macaw x Camelot Macaw = Capri Macaw

With its Scarlet Macaw heritage, the Capri Macaw mirrors the Scarlet’s beauty, recognized as one of the most visually stunning macaws in South America.

 An In-Depth Glimpse into Capri Macaw’s Personality

The Capri Macaw is not just a feast for the eyes; it’s a delightful companion. While its temperament inherits characteristics from its Scarlet lineage, the Capri Macaw may also exhibit the gentle nature and talking ability of the Blue and Gold Macaw. This hybrid marvel is known for its affectionate, inquisitive, and playful demeanor, making it an ideal pet for those ready for a dynamic avian companion.

 Origin, History, and Rarity

 A Mysterious Origin

The Capri Macaw’s origin is shrouded in mystery, with no clear documentation of its first breeding. Believed to be a cross between the Catalina Macaw and Scarlet Macaw, the hybridization of macaw species only occurs in captivity, as their distinct habitats prevent interbreeding in the wild.

 A Rarity in Aviculture

Due to its rarity, finding a Capri Macaw in local pet stores is unlikely. However, our online store, pnbirdfarm.com, proudly lists Capri Macaws for sale, offering enthusiasts a chance to own this unique and colorful hybrid.

 Embracing Capri Macaw Care: A Comprehensive Guide

 Essential Care Considerations

 Housing Fit for a Colorful Royalty

Capri Macaws thrive in spacious environments. Provide a cage or aviary with dimensions no less than 3x3x6 feet. Sturdy materials, ample perches, and engaging toys are essential for their well-being. Exposure to natural sunlight or full-spectrum UV light enhances their overall health.

 A Nutrient-Rich Diet

Ensure a balanced diet for your Capri Macaw, consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and protein sources. Pelleted food can supplement their nutrition, but fresh water and a diverse diet are crucial for their vitality.

 Exercise and Socialization

Capri Macaws are active birds requiring regular exercise and mental stimulation. Encourage playtime, flying in a bird-safe room or aviary, and provide toys to keep them entertained. Socialization is key; spend quality time, talk to them, and engage in training sessions.

 Health and Wellness

 Vigilant Health Monitoring

Regular veterinary check-ups are paramount for your Capri Macaw’s well-being. Be aware of potential health issues such as feather picking, psittacosis, proventricular dilatation disease (PDD), aspergillosis, obesity, and vitamin A deficiency. Timely interventions and a balanced lifestyle can prevent these concerns.

 Your Gateway to Owning a Capri Macaw

 Procuring Your Capri Macaw: A Seamless Online Experience

Discover the joy of owning a Capri Macaw through our online store, pnbirdfarm.com. While the price remains undisclosed, this rare gem is likely to range between $1500 and $3000. Connect with us to explore the possibility of welcoming a Capri Macaw into your home.

 Customer Testimonials

Read what our satisfied customers say about their Capri Macaw experience. Real stories that highlight the joy and companionship these vibrant birds bring into their lives.

Legal Compliance and Certifications

Learn about the legal considerations and certifications associated with owning a Capri Macaw. We prioritize adherence to regulations, ensuring a seamless and ethical acquisition process.

 Visual Delight – Capri Macaw in Images and Videos

Experience the vibrancy of Capri Macaws through high-quality images and videos. See their playful antics and colorful plumage, providing a visual treat for potential owners.


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