Large Corner Cage


Key Specifications:

  • Bar Spacing: 1″
  • Bar Gauge: 4.0 mm
  • Cage Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Internal Dimensions:
    33″(W) x 33″(D) x 45″(H)
  • External Dimensions:
    33″(W) x 33″(D) x 72″(H)
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Large Corner Cage Highlights

  • Large Corner Cage Bird proof front door & feeder door locks
  • Playpen top with 3 ladders & 2 perches
  • 2 lock in cups on playpen top
  • Slide out metal tray underneath play top keeping cage mess free
  • Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
  • 3 swing out feeder doors
  • 3 stainless steel feeder cups & 2 perches
  • Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish


Firstly the Large Corner Hideaway cage, designed by A&E, is nothing short of statuesque. Owners of this cage clearly love their pets, understand exactly how important a quality enclosure is, and want to give them the best.

Secondly having a home with plenty of space to climb and play is vital to the physical and mental health of birds. This model was carefully designed to tend to the needs of both your bird and you as the owner.

Thirdly with abundant internal room, one-inch bar spacing, and strong four-millimeter bar gauging, this unit is ideal for medium to large sized species like Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Macaws, and similarly sized species. Large Corner Cage

Further this smartly designed home has been showered with features to thrill your bird. The inside has been given multiple perches tall sides with horizontally oriented bars, perfect for climbing.

In addition during playtimes, just open up the large front door and let your bird roam free all over the outside of the cage.

Furthermore the horizontal bars still provide for ample climbing space and the top of the cage has been given a wonderful array of perches, ladders, and feeding stations for added enjoyment.

Large Corner Cage Design;

To begin with the easy-glide casters attached to each leg also allow you to effortless provide a complete change of scenery by rolling the entire unit between rooms. Large Corner Cage

And as a bird owner, you will truly appreciate just how easy this cage makes your life. With bird proof locks on the front door and feeder doors, you won’t have to worry about a surprise escape.

Again feeding time is a breeze with the individually opening feeder doors that allow you to replace food and water without having to stretch into the enclosure. Cleaning time has also never been more simple than with the slide-out grill and slide-out tray for easy cleaning and the removal of waste.

Moreover the elegant sandstone, platinum, and black colors are all made from 100% non-toxic material that has been thoroughly tested for safety.

Conclusively should you have any questions about the perfect model for you and your pet’s needs, please call or Live Chat with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members today Large Corner cage 

Technical Details:

  • Brand name: A.E. Cages
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Shipping cost: Free standard shipping within mainland USA. Additional shipping costs will apply for shipments outside mainland USA.
  • Shipping time: Typically standard shipping will get your product to you within a week.
  • Packages: 2
  • Slide-out grate: 1
  • Slide-out tray: 1
  • Feeder doors: 3
  • Feeder cups: 3 stainless steel cups
  • Breeder doors: 0
  • Perches: 2
  • Finish: Powder-coating
  • SKU#: CC3232


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